Killer Dolls Book Review

Killer Dolls By Nisa Santiago

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Book Description:

Beautiful Menace (or Viral Violence)
Half Japanese and half Jamaican, Aoki is young, beautiful, and known throughout her Brooklyn neighborhood as a menace to local authorities. On the eve of a brutal murder that hits close to home, Aoki needs her friends more than ever. Her ride-or-die besties, Tisa and Ri-Ri, are down to help by any means necessary, even if it puts their own freedom at risk.

While coming up in the drug game, AZ gets into a situation he can’t handle on his own. When he reaches out to Aoki – an unlikely ally – the girls agree to handle his problem for a small fee. When surveillance video of the conquest goes viral, the Brooklyn hood chicks are transformed into Killer Dolls.

This overnight fame brings heat to the Killer Dolls, with jealousy, envy, and a dark secret threatening to destroy everything.

~ ~ ~

My Thoughts:

This was a great page turner of a book. I hadn’t even made it to chapter one yet and I was reading about a 16 year old teenage girl watching her father stab her mother to death. Then she gets a knife and stabs him. It was time to be scared of her. The main character Aoki gets ready the next day as if nothing happened and the girl can fight in heels. I can’t imagine what seeing one parent kill another could do to a person but she got something else deep going on inside her. Anyhow, after the murder she goes to a friend’s house and then the movies while her parents’ dead bodies are still there.

At 18, Aoki drops out of school. Her anger issues have not improved either. People in the neighborhood fear her. As a child, she was teased because of her Jamaican accent and appearance. At first she’d cry. Then she hardened herself and tried ignoring the teasing, which manifested her anger. Bullying is never right. It can really mess with a person mentally and then on top of that you still have to deal with whatever else life is throwing at you. Seeing her parents addicted to drugs on top of the bullying didn’t help her either. She’d been arrested for fighting and the sergeant gave her a chance to prove that she could do better with her life. The sergeant and the cop she fought can tell that she is troubled, but I don’t think troubled is really the word to describe Aoki.

She eventually lets her friends in on what happened with her parents. Her friend AZ comes up with the idea of purchasing two tin barrels and quicklime to keep the smell under control, since the ground was too hard to bury the bodies. Aoki never buried her parents though. The barrels were put in the backyard. “Every month, late in the night, she would go out and cover the bodies with quicklime to keep the smell contained and help preserve the remains”.
To provide for herself she gets into the drug game and becomes a contracted killer. She lets her two friend girls in on it and they become known as The Killer Dolls. Got an enemy? Contact the Killer Dolls and Aoki will definitely make sure the job gets done.

Overall this book was a 5 star read. This is the first book that I’ve read by Nisa Santiago but it definitely will not be my last. I loved her writing style and how she goes in depth with describing the characters and the lives they lead. The story is very well edited and put together. The story and characters take on a life of their own. I cannot wait to read Part 2.

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