Book Review of What the CFO Wants You to Know – How You Create Value by Charles Asubonten

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What the CFO Wants You to Know – How You Create Value by Charles Asubonten


Book Description:

Unless a business provides value, it will fail. We all know this, and yet many of us, whether employees or business leaders, do not have a clear idea of who creates value and how. What the CFO Wants You to Know is an indispensable guide to creating value in an enterprise, drawing on the extensive experience of serial CFO and author Charles Asubonten. While many books focus on the CFO as a financial engineer, Asubonten’s compelling thesis is that the CFO is a catalyst who inspires employees to get on board in the value-creation process and that every employee needs to be cognizant of and committed to their role in value-creation. When employees know what the CFO must do to create value and how each employee affects that process, a more lasting, resonant, and energized workforce is the exciting result. Focused not only on value-creation, this book also shows how value is sustained. From the novice who has always wondered about the CFO’s role to the seasoned CFO who needs a refresher in today’s changing business climate, What the CFO Wants You to Know is a resource for business leadership, employees, shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the community.

My Thoughts:

The author shares knowledge to help others understand the CFO’s (chief financial officer) function and how it impacts an organization. There’s no one better to help explain this than the author himself who has also helped companies such as the Dow Chemical Company, Ford Motor Company, and DTE Energy, and others to create value. The CFO has a hand in every facet of the company from working closely with human resources to holding townhall meetings for employees. They are anywhere in a company where value can be added and he goes on to explain how to create value.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I’m glad that the author broke everything down in a way for the average person to understand. The book reminds me of a textbook almost in how it reads; yet, I still find the information it contains interesting. I give this 4 out of 5 stars.


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