A Book Review of The Secret of the Old Clock – Nancy Drew Book 1

The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene

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Book Description:

The Secret of the Old Clock is the mystery that began it all for America’s favorite teenaged slueth. The accidental rescue of a little girl who lives with her two great-aunts leads to an adventurous search for a missing will.

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My Thoughts:

I first began reading Nancy Drew books in 3rd or 4th grade and completed the collection by middle school. I’m twenty-eight now and it’s just as great now as it was then.

The book starts out with Nancy rescuing a little girl, Judy who runs into the street. She makes it safely across the road but falls down into a river. Nancy takes Judy home and meets her great-aunts. They tell her about a relative named Josiah Crowley who had helped them in the past with their finances. Prior to his death, he promised to remember them in his will. Instead, only one will was found and in it he left everything to his wealthy relative Richard Topham. They believe there has to be a second will that no one has found. While Nancy is still in Judy’s great-aunts’ home, they discover some items are missing from the home. The two women believe that the men who knocked on their door and asked if they had old furniture to sell, were the ones who stole from them.

Nancy’s journey leads her to meet more of Josiah Crowley’s relatives who were told that he’d remember them in his will. Most of his relatives were friendly, down to earth people, except for his cousin Richard Topham’s two daughters, Ada and Isabel. They are the type of people who feel as if the world owes them something and that everyone else is beneath them.  Even his wife is snooty, but oh how the might fall at the end of the book.

Nancy is a very likable character who has a caring and compassionate heart. Her determination and strong will for the truth leads her not only to solve the mystery of the missing will, but help many of Josiah Crowley’s relatives who would not have received help otherwise.

If you like a good mystery that never gets old, then I’d recommend reading this book.

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